Maldives – best time to visit ?

Traditionally the time to visit the Maldives has been in the dry season, which is December to March. Major hotels are most busy at this time and especially busy during the Christmas season. Some visitors maintain that Christmas is the best time to visit the Maldives. This is also the most expensive time to visit, with prices almost doubling. At this time there is less chance of rainfall and there are opportunities to take part in land sports like volleyball, sauna and table tennis and of course there is time to relax on the beach. Even at the busiest times beaches to not tend to get overcrowded since most resorts are exclusive that overcrowding is not an issue.

Divers however should remember that water clarity is best in April and November time during the transition months and diving visibility is at the highest at this time. In the wet season there is also said to be more chance of seeing plankton, dolphins and mantas. Water sport activities are plentiful in the Maldives with sports like sailing, diving and snorkelling, jet skiing, deep sea fishing, parasailing and wind surfing all available to take part in. There tend to be fewer tourists in the wet season also and prices are lower on island.

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Prices to go to Maldives offered by travel agencies are fairly stable throughout all the year with the exception of price hikes for holidays that cover Christmas, New Year or Easter. The Maldives resorts operate all year round, even during the “wet season” when there is high humidity and the sky may be overcast. There are not huge monsoon rains to fight against during the wet season; it happens more often that there may be half an hour of rain on one day or for a few hours on another day. This is why prices remain similar all year round. In fact many people say that the best time to travel to The Maldives is all year round!

The least expensive time to visit is from March to October. It also happens that surfing is best at this time of year also although you can surf or dive all year round. In the wet season when it is cooler conversely the seas get warmer however it should be remembered when diving or snorkelling that when its starts to rain tides can change and you can end up being in deep water which is dangerous. So always stay near the island whatever season you are in. Usually trained professionals will make sure you are alright as they conduct the snorkelling tours held by the resorts. Even during the wet season you will need air conditioner on in your hotel room as the humidity is high. Also there is a greater risk of cyclones in the summer months.


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