The Beach House

The thought of staying in a beach house is certainly appealing. You’ve probably got a vision of how it should look already. But whatever vision you may have in mind, it won’t come close to the Beach House at Iruveli in the Maldives.

Beach House Iruveli

Sophisticated Luxury

A private getaway to your own special beach house

This is what is offered when you consider booking a holiday here. This is meant for romance and it doesn’t disappoint. Iruveli is the name of the island on which your beach house resides, and you will rely on a seaplane to get you there.

What should you expect from your villa?

The Beach House Maldives

Enjoy sunset from your thatched villa.

The word villa somehow conveys more adequately what you will enjoy during your stay. Indeed, they face the ocean and provide an opportunity to enjoy lying back and soaking up the sun, with nothing whatsoever to do if you so desire.

The word ‘hideaway’ is often used to describe the Beach House, and it is overused with good reason. While there is plenty for you to do and enjoy while you are there, you will feel as if you are miles from anywhere too.

Enjoy watching the sun go down with your loved one as you relax on your sun loungers. Enjoy a dip in an infinity pool or retire to your luxurious bedroom and sink into the gorgeous sheets. Whatever you want to do, the time here is precious and well worth making the most of.

Splendid food and relaxation

If you do try your hand at the water sports that are available for those who desire them, you may work up an appetite sooner than you thought possible. In this case you will be able to enjoy a table at the on-site restaurant, which itself is situated looking out onto the Indian Ocean. What better way to enjoy the finest local cuisine with the one you love?

Beach House (Maldives) Restaurant

Guests speak highly of the food.








It is easy to say a destination was made for lovers. But if anywhere truly was it would be the Beach House at Iruveli. The Maldives are a beautiful heaven on earth and you are able to enjoy them at their finest by booking a villa here.

As soon as you arrive you will turn down the speed and pace of life to an all time low. And that is no bad thing, as you will learn when you treat yourself to some time at the Beach House.

Note: (The Beach House is formerly Waldorf Astoria & Beach House at Manafaru)

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