The perfect blend of luxury and nature

Here at, we often get asked what it is about The Maldives that makes it such a spectacular holiday destination. Well, apart from the gorgeous weather and breathtaking views that make it hard to differentiate between the blue skies and the vast Indian Ocean, it’s the way that nearly all the island resorts have subtly blended a natural experience with all the modern and luxurious comforts of a 5* hotel in a big city.

The Maldives is made of nearly 2,000 islands that spread across the Indian Ocean. The islands are really just the tops of a colossal underwater mountain range making many of the islands uninhabitable but the ones that are have been tastefully transformed into mini-resorts catering to only a handful of guests at any one time. Holiday on any one of the atolls and you will be surprised at just how natural the surroundings are – no skyscraper hotels here, you’ll see nothing but luxury huts nestled on the beach and stunning villas atop stilts extending from the ocean.

One such resort is the idyllic Medhufushi Island Resort. The resort describes itself as barefoot luxury and you couldn’t find a more suitable description if you tried because the 112 secluded villas blend seamlessly with the surroundings and one traveller described the villas as nothing short of amazing, saying that “Never again will a hotel room satisfy” .

Incredibly though the resort owners have still managed to include such modern luxuries as high-speed internet access, flat-screen TVs, air conditioning and in some of the deluxe villas your own music system.

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