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British Airways has started new direct Gatwick – Male flights and they currently have some great prices for return flights to The Maldives

The Maldives flight time is around ten to eleven hours for a direct flight to Male from London. If you have a good connection the fastest flights with one stop are more like fourteen hours.

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The three letter IATA code for Male airport in The Maldives is MLE. This may help you when you start your search from flights to The Maldives. – British Airways now fly to The Maldives. BA flies to Male direct from London Gatwick on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays with flights from Maldives on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. – Compare direct and indirect flights to Male from many different airlines including Sri Lanka Airlines, Emirates and Qatar Airways.

emirates – Smooth connections on flights via Dubai. One of the good things Emirates offer is regional departures – choose from Birmingham, Glasgow, Manchester, Newcastle and London. – Many people search here and think that Thomas Cook don’t offer flight only seats to The Maldives but they do!. The tip is to search on the exact dates that they fly. Thomas Cook fly from Gatwick every Sunday all year round.

Qatar Airways – Qatar have a growing reputation for great service and now offer flights to Male via Doha but good connections mean you only have a short stopover.


Maldives Male Airport


Male airport is an international airport and is one of the fastest growing airports in the region. On the island Hulhule the first ever airport for the Maldives was built in 1960. This was made out of sheets of steel slotted together, which was 75 x 3000 feet. However in 1964 a competition was staged between the four Male districts to help build an asphalt runway. Since the Henveiru district succeeded in cutting out the first square of the previous runway they won the donation from the government to build the new runway. The new runway was opened in 1964 by the then Prime Minister, Mr Ibrahim Nasir.


The modern Male International Airport as we know it was opened in November 1981. It now has one of the largest seaplane services worldwide carrying passengers to what the airport staff call ‘in and out of the sunny side of life’. Male Airport has received a considerable demand from increased air traffic and from the increased need to update its facilities and services. It now hosts major airlines and is connected to air and sea routes from across the Maldives and is of course open 24 hours. Indeed, Maldives Airport Company received the CQE Century International Quality ERA award at Geneva in March 2010. It is an independent financial and corporate organization.


The airport currently hires about 1000 staff and hosts a health centre with pharmacy, mother care facilities, a children’s recreational Park, free shower room, trolleys and of course shopping facilities. What’s more, there is a bank, post office, mosque and telephone and internet services. Shopping consists of Duty Free shops with popular duty-free items on sale like perfume, spirits and cigarettes. Other sold items include flowers, souvenirs, sweets, cosmetics, stationery, toys and electrics and clothing. There are shops that are devoted to selling souvenirs only as well as a Floral Boutique. There is also a cyber café at the airport called Dhiraagu Airport Cyber café where passengers can log onto the five client stations or bring their own laptop to plug in at the internet access points.


If you are coming on holiday to The Maldives, you might want to be aware that a passenger service charge is to be paid by all international passengers who pass through the airport, which amounts to about $12, but this is generally included in the price of flights and package holidays from The UK. The Maldivians are very proud of their airport as a connection to the outside world in an island that was isolated from a lot of the technological advances happening around it for some time. The building of the airport is described as a dream even from before the times of the Maldivians gaining their independence in 1965. The Board of Directors were all appointed by the Prime Minister back in 1981 at the opening of the airport.


The vision of the airport is, ‘To be the Airport that provides the best Airport Service in the Region’ and their mission is, ‘To develop and maintain airports in the Maldives as establishments contributing to the national economy.’ Most passengers describe arriving at male airport as one of the most beautiful airport fights of their lives as sapphire blue seas intermingle with atolls dotted here and there to make for a stunning view. Generally, tourists will be transferred to their hotels by either seaplane or speedboat.


On arrival holidaymakers are greeted by a small and efficient airport. Most of the shops are situated in the departure lounge so on arrival passengers usually take their luggage and find their tour operators for immediate transfer or if waiting is involved there is a small café to sit in. Filling in an immigration card is necessary before arrival and it should be noted that it is illegal to bring alcohol into the Maldives.